National Administration Action Plan

National Administration Action Plan

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda (MITMA), as the driving Ministry responsible for the development and implementation of the Spanish Urban Agenda, and for the coherence with the 2030 Agenda Action Plan, has approved its own Action Plan. In accordance with international agreements, this plan identifies a series of actions in the regulatory and planning sphere, in financing, in governance, in citizen participation and in the exchange and dissemination of knowledge about urban issues.

Actions of the National Administration Action Plan

The actions that are being carried out to comply with the commitments of the National Administration Action Plan are listed below.


These regulatory actions are part of the Specific Objective 10.1 of the AUE that seeks to "achieve an updated, flexible and simplified regulatory framework [...]" and with them seeks to improve the regulatory instruments available to the National Administration to facilitate the achievement of the objectives proposed by the Agenda.


This section includes those plans or strategies that develop issues related to the objectives of the Urban Agenda and that, with an integrated vision, propose a battery of measures aimed at achieving the objectives of the Agenda.


The following actions are intended to improve coordination between Administrations (horizontally and vertically), as well as create synergies between them.

Thematic Associations (Partnerships)

Among the measures proposed in the National Administration Action Plan is the constitution of specific working groups on some of the strategic objectives of the Agenda. These Thematic Partnerships can support sharing experiences in urban matters and those involving actors from different levels of the Administration, the University, professional assciations, the private sector, the third sector and civil society.

  • Metropolitan Areas Working Group


The aim of these actions is to identify national and European funding sources with an impact on cities and to achieve the greatest possible alignment between them and the strategic objectives of the Spanish Urban Agenda.

Exchange and dissemination of knowledge

These actions pursue the dissemination of good practices, the generation of participatory culture and the transfer of knowledge, as well as the stimulation of creativity and provide viable solutions for sustainable urban development.